Top Five Survival Gear

Whether you’re a regular in the wilderness, a weekend enthusiast or a newbie, if you don’t have the right survival gear, you’re asking for trouble.  Here’s the MUST-HAVE survival gear you should own.

1. First Aid Kit

First things first, without a First Aid Kit the risk of surviving in the wilderness is huge, besides angry animals, or poisonous insects, you should never ignore infections, which can lead to more severe things.

2. Survival Knife

The Survival Knife is an absolute must-have for any weekend of wilderness. It’s your number one key survival gear for cutting wood and ropes, slicing meat for cooking, opening packages, building improvised shelters, can even come in handy when starting fires(especially if using flint stone) and using first aid kits.

3. Survival Backpack

For surviving the wilderness, you must know that you need a very appropriate Backpack, that has the following qualities:

  • Waterproof
  • Highly resistant
  • Comfortable
  • Roomy
  • Has multiple compartments

4.Survival Paracord

You must have a Survival Paracord on every survival trip you go. Just think about for a moment how many utilities it has. Beginning from the improvised shelter that you build, tying it up with the Paracord offers you a much stronger structure, which will also last longer. And of course, it’s faster for you to build it up this way, saves you time for making the fire and finding some food, especially if the night is coming.

5.Military Sleeping Bag

The Military Sleeping Bag is thicker than the average sleeping bag, and made from more advanced insulating materials, increasing the heat volume in your body while sleeping. This key part of the gear can also give you the best shelter while recovering from an injury or waiting for help if your stranded in isolation.

In my opinion, as a hiker and survival enthusiast myself, these pieces of gear are an absolutely MUST-HAVE. I also hardly recommend you to get all the items described above before heading into the wild.

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