TOP 5 Ancient Alien Mysteries

Hello there everyone! Today we’re gonna discuss one of Earth’s most debated topic. ALIENS. What are Aliens? Are they those bloody predators we see in movies? Not even close, they’re also known as “The Extraterrestrial Life”. What does that mean? That literally means that they are from outer space, so anything that lives outside the earth it’s an extraterrestrial life form. Now, The Universe is scientifically proven to be infinite, so we can easily deduce that many species can live out there. Some of them may be hostile and some of them may be friendly. Throughout the history of Planet Earth, many artifacts and old writings we’re found, which describe a race of aliens, “The Greys”, that ancient humans revered as Gods due to their knowledge and technology(which was more advanced than what we have today).

Now it’s time to discuss about what they left behind,  Here are the most debated Ancient  Aliens Mysteries:

5. Paracas Skull

Throughout the time, some cultures we’re known for elongating their skulls due to cultural traditions, binding children skulls with pieces of cloth to force the cranial bones to grow vertically. Many historians and scientists believe that this practice was used by ancient people to resemble some kind of creature they made contact with, the ancient “gods”. BUT PARACAS SKULLS are more unusual than you think. It was proven by scientists, that these skulls found in Peru don’t show any form of mutilation or seizure due to the cranial deformation, which suggests that the cranial deformation is natural, and they were born this way. They are 25% larger than a normal skull, and it’s not 100% Human DNA

4. Ancient Egyptian Coin

They were found during a house renovation in Southern Egypt. One coin resembles a hovering alien spaceship above the ground, and the other seems to show the head and shoulders of an alien with big hollow eyes, bold head and thin cheeks. 

3. Quimbaya Airplanes

The Quimbaya Airplanes are several golden objects, found in Colombia, made by the Quimbaya civilization, which dated around 1000 AD. The figurines measure 5 to 7.5 cm (2 to 3 inches) each. In 1994, Peter Belting and Conrad Lubbers built simplified RC scale models of these objects and showed that they could really fly due to their aerodynamic shape.

2. Ancient Mayan Alien Artefacts

Mayans are known for their strong relationship with the stars and astronomy, and for how they predicted astrological events until they mysteriously vanished off the face of the planet.  These artifacts seem to show that they had contact with Extraterrestrial life.

1. Peruvian Alien Hand and Skull

Brien Foerster, of Hidden Inca Tours, and his team claim to have been given the three-fingered specimen by a group of cagers who were exploring desert tunnels in southeastern Peru. The explorers said it was found near a strange elongated mummified humanoid skull that was also given over. He says X-rays were taken of the objects, which showed the fingers on the hand each had six bones, instead of the three in a human finger and the skull had very uncommon features, showing traces of decomposition .

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