Top 10 Best Garden Decoration Ideas

In our latest post we’ve talked about the types of house interior designs, now we find that is very important for us to cover some outdoor decoration ideas, cause nothing’s more welcoming than a beautiful garden where you can spend some precious time with your family and friends. Here are some of our favorite decoration ideas for the garden of your dreams:

1. Lavender with cobblestone path

Simple, beautiful, affordable, and dreamy, trust me, your family and friends will love it.

2. Garden shelter

This is the absolute best place to spend hot summer nights, playing board games or chatting with your friends over a cold beer.

3.Garden BBQ Place

There’s nothing much to say here, everybody loves BBQ!

4. Garden elevated steps

You can make some sort of a walkway to the pool with this design, it would look awesome.

5. Rustic swimming pool 

I personally prefer these types of pools because of the naturalness they have.

6. Climbing Rose arbor

It definitely adds a strong romantic feel to your garden. 

7. Japanese Red Maple 

Stunning, absolutely stunning… yet affordable, and fast growing. Of course, it requires some time for doing japanese style pruning, but the results are absolutely incredible.

8. Corner flower garden

If you’re into crafting, and combining art with nature, this is a must for you.

9. Treehouse

A study recently said that only one out of ten adults who were asked if they ever had a treehouse during childhood, actually had one. But all ten dreamt of one.

10. Rustic Garden Swing

What could be better than coming home from work and take a nap or enjoy a glass of wine with your loved one on this beautiful swing, while enjoying the rest of the scenery? 

That’s all folks! We hope that you enjoyed our post, and also, that you’ll leave us  your opinion about it in the comments! Cheers!

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Garden Decoration Ideas

  1. Want rustic swimming pool! It looks really awesome!

    1. We’re sure someday you’ll have one! keep in touch for more interesting ideas! 😀

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