Paulownia, The Fast Growing Tree

Paulownia Tomentosa

Also known as “Foxglove Tree” or “Royal Empress”, it’s an incredibly stunning, beautiful, tall and fast growing tree. It’s originary from Asia, but now, it is very popular all across the world for it’s unique qualities. Many people have an interest in the Paulownia Tree because it can be used for multiple purposes, such as:

1. Outdoor ornamental Tree

This tree gives you an absolute stunning scenery. Just plant two or three in your garden, and the results will be amazing.

2. Indoor Paulownia Bonsai

Through some hard work and pruning this can be achieved, and serves as a gorgeous decoration for your home.

3. Lumber

The Paulownia lumber can be used for multiple purposes, like firewood or construction. Although it is such a fast growing tree, it has the strongest texture and it’s the lightest wood in the world. That’s why many people tend to plant it only for industrial purposes.

4. Furniture

Having such a beautiful finish, it can be used for special kinds of furniture, such as the antique japanese furniture style, as you can see in the picture above.

5. Medicinal Purpose

Though not known as a regular medicinal plant species, some plant parts (leaves, flowers, fruits, wood, bark, roots and seeds) of the Paulownia have been used for treating a variety of diseases(according to ancient chinese medicine writings). Each of these parts contain one or more bioactive components, such as ursolic acid and matteucinol in the leaves, paulownin and d-sesamin in the wood, syringin and catalpinoside in the bark. The fruits contain fatty oils, alkaloids, flavonones as well as flavonoids with antioxidant properties.

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