Top Design Accessories On A Budget

We all know that living in the house of your dreams, and have it done to your own liking, can be incredibly beneficial to your mental health, and your health overall. Here are our top picks for the best house decoration accessories that almost anyone can afford: 

1. Scented Candles 

The very popular scented candles that absolutely everyone is familiar with, are available in many many shapes, colors, scents and medical oriented purposes. They definitely are a must have for the PERFECT date or for an awesome diner with your loved one. 

2. DIY Bottle Lamp

Cheap, easy to build and great Looking. All you need to have are some empty liquor bottles and some minimal electricity knowledge. There are many tutorials out there on the internet. If you’re into crafting, your’re in the right place, otherwise, you can get them really cheap from sites like AliExpress and Amazon.  

3. DIY Pendant Bottle Lights

As I mentioned above, they’re cheap, easy to build and incredibly good looking. Your living room will look like never before with this decoration item.

4. Big canvas wall painting 

For me as an art lover, this is a must have for the living room. Especially if you’re into music, you can pick a famous artist canvas wall painting. My top pick is a Jimmy Hendrix big oil painting. Hint: You can find really cheap ones on AliExpress. *wink* 

5. Cool and Comfy Bean Bag

Last but definitely not least, for the lazy afternoons, the great Bean Bag. I personally never heard anyone saying that they never wanted a comfy, living room bean bag. People love it, even pets love it, it’s definitely a cheap mood changer item, which takes away stress and gives back good positive vibrations.

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