How to pack for a long motorcycle trip(Must have tips and tricks)

First things first, we have to discuss efficiency, that means that you have to pack your bags highly economical, for instance, getting rid of all the things that you “might-need”, or “eventually-need”, leaves more room for the MUST-HAVE objects. Here’s a list of all the thing i personally take with me everytime i go on a long-distance motorcycle trip, which literally saved my life or saved me from abandoning my motorcycle on the edge of the road:

1.Motorcycle Tool Box(definitely a must have!)

When I’m saying that you need a “motorcycle” tool box and not any tool box, means that, the motorcycle tool boxes are specially designed for solving almost every issue a motorcycle might have, and of course, it’s made for fitting a much tighter space. Beside the tool box, you absolutely need a Roadside Puncture Repair Kit, a Head Lamp and a Portable Air Compressor, also must have to take an Impact Driver and a Little Rubber Hammer(for not scratching your paint). When a screw is being stubborn and won’t budge with just your elbow grease, you’ll need the Impact Driver to help you. Also you will need a water displacement agent, i personally recommend WD-40, a little Wire Brush, some Hard Nitrile Gloves, some Rags, Zip-Ties, an Utility Knife, some spare Fuses and Spark Plugs, and of course, lots of Duct Tape, our must-have life-saver!.

2. Ear Plugs

When you’re only commuting through the city for short distance trips, the noise inside the helmet, won’t bother you that much, but on long distance trips, that can be very annoying and stressful. So having your Ear Plugs with you is a must.

3. A Physical Map

I know that with all the latest technology, using a Physical Map is like reading a fairy tale, but when the internet is not available, and you’re lost and don’t know which is the right way to go, turning for the Physical Map sound like a really great idea.

4. Second Pair of Gloves

It really sucks when you accidentally soak your gloves. Riding with them on and not having a spare pair of gloves, makes your fingers feel numb and extremely painful, and that can be your worst nightmare, especially when driving in cold weather or at night.

5.Cash, not credit

Having Cash on you, makes you really independent of ATM’s. Cause, as you know, or may not know, in some places around the world, or cross-country, the ATM’s can be a rare thing to see, and not having cash on you to pay for the gas, or other necessities, can leave you stranded on the edge of the road. Keep in mind to keep your Cash in a safe pocket, for instance, in a Drop Leg Bag.

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