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Your key objective for the bike trip is packing economically, so you can take more objects with you.  Here I will present you my best packing technique, which I developed through years of touring:

The Towel Technique

1. First, you take your favorite towel and lay it down on a table. you should take a large one though, you’ll see why in the next steps:

2.You take your top three favorite t-shirts, then you fold them rectangular, and lay them on top of the towel.

3.Now it’s time to take your two favorite shirts/sweatshirts/hoodies, and do the same as you did with the t-shirts.

4. You should take a pair of trousers(beside the ones that you’re riding with, I personally ride with leather pants  and take a spare pair of jeans for wearing when i’m off the bike). Then you fold them as small as you can, and lay them on top of the rest of your clothes. 

5. I usually take about three pairs of underwear, three pairs of socks, and one tank top(for sleeping, but if you prefer pajamas, do it your way).  You may ask now, how can you survive with only three pairs of underwear and only three pair of socks.  I personally, after checking into my hotel room, I shower, and wash my underwear military style and put them  on the dryer.  So i’m always wearing  one and have the rest of them clean. I do the same with my socks. (Key Tip) You also lay them on top of the rest

6. You should absolutely have a toiletry bag. I usually take my toothbrush/mini-toothpaste, razor, mini-shampoo, mini-shower gel, a set of Band-aid, some painkillers and antidiarrheal drugs. Then lay it on top of the rest of the clothes.

7. You might also need an extra pair of sneakers (I usually only take the pair of boots, and the leather jacket+vest, which i’m riding with) But if you’re not a boots guy, you should take your sneakers and an extra jacket(for when you’re off the bike), but, in my opinion, it’s a waste of space. 

8. Now, start rolling your towel really REALLY tight, after that you tie it with a string, to keep it in place.

After you’re done rolling your towel, you should be able to fit it in a medium-large backpack, and your final product should look something like this:

9.Make sure you check my other “packing for bike trips” posts, and then you’re good to go! 

Let us know if this technique was useful for you by commenting or sending us an email(! Cheers and Ride Safe!


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2 thoughts on “Best Technique For Packing

  1. This is awesome! Never would I have thought to wrap my items up in a towel. It keeps it together and neat. I love it

    1. Glad you like it! We’ll keep it coming with this type of things, We can send you our newsletter if you want xD

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