How to Buy A Motorcycle As A Beginner

Hello everyone! Today i’m gonna present you how bikers do their shopping. Yesterday a couple of buddies and I went on a mini-trip, in order to check and possibly buy a motorcycle. One of them saw the motorcycle on the internet and was interested in buying it, then he asked me if we could go check it out, in order for him to be sure that everything is alright with the bike. We’re talking about a Honda VT600 Shadow from ’96, mint condition and low mileage. Absolutely stunning piece of art I may say, and amazingly affordable(€2600). 

Honda VT600 Shadow

The seller had a mini-collection of really beautiful bikes:

Yamaha V-star 650 bobber
Yamaha XV1700 Roadstar

Kawasaki VN900B Vulcan Classic

Tips on buying a motorcycle: 

You should absolutely establish first what kind of motorcycle you want(new or used), what riding style do you enjoy, what kind of a rider you are and what you’re looking for in a motorcycle. You should make sure too that the size of the bike fits you perfectly.  

After you decided what motorcycle suits your needs, it is time to look for it on the internet, at the dealer shop. Here comes the part when you have to see it live, and to check it mechanically and aesthetically.

  • Check for leaking fluids
  • Check for the fork serial number
  • Check it when the engine is cold, see how it starts, look for smoke and other abnormalities
  • Check the levers, engine block, foot pegs/floorboards, seat and tires for damage
  • Lift the seat and check the battery and other electronics
  • If the bike is liquid cooled, look for dents in the radiator
  • Check the Chain, Belt or Driveshaft(leaking or damage)
  • Check the springs and suspension, that could be a huge hint if the bike has High Mileage, even though the odometer shows Low Mileage 
  • See how the chromed parts were treated
  • See if the sound of the motorcycle changes when pulling the clutch and letting in off, that could be a worn clutch or worse(expensive to repair)
  • Take it for a ride and see how the bike feels. If you’re a beginner, ask for an experienced rider to check it for you.

Let us know if these tips were useful for you by commenting or sending us an email(! Cheers and Ride Safe!

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